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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

So What's Fincher Been Up To?



Blogger Zombie Drew said...

Great video. Great song. And the B-side on the single is the "gay disco" remix of "The Hand That Feeds" by my close, personal friends The DFA.

10:51 PM  
Blogger Florida Perrywinkle, The Media Wave Collective said...

way to comment on your own post...
I think it's kind of an odd choice for a single, except for that infectious beat. It's not necessarily my fav. song off that album. The video is great because Fincher is great, but then again not a whole lot happened. He had a whole environment to work with that he started to explore in the beginning but then just focused entirely on the Hellraiser toy. Thats cool and all but how much can you get out of that one idea? i guess about 4 minutes worth. I wanted a little bit more, but against other music videos it was, well, Fincher's masterpiece....

8:45 AM  

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