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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

These Are Spirit Fingers, And These Are Gold (Sufjan at Bowery)

Sufjan has been at the Bowery for the past four days (and he'll be there tonight too!), so he and his "people" decided to theme the whole stretch as "Spirit Week." Which gave them an excuse to have each performance be a different "night." We were there on the slightly disappointing "fake tattoo and facial hair" night. Tonight is the "homecoming dance," complete with formal wear. I am bubbling over with jealousy.

He was amazing: silly and serious at the same time. The cheers in between songs were clever and fun, the highpoint being the rhyming of "Metropolis" with "Balki Bartokomous." That right there is the Sufjan magic. And while I bought a T-shirt bearing its slogan (which made me feel a lot like a dirty Urban Outfitters patron), he didn't play "Come On, Feel the Illinoise!"... or the "John Wayne Gacy" song, for that matter. Hmmm...

Here are some pictures.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Kano & Diplo At Knitting Factory

Kano, the 19 year old grime whiz, lorded over us. Or maybe just over me. Because I am tiny and was pressed up against the stage. Hmmm.

Diplo opened with a super long and mostly hip-hop flavored set. Not as good as his Intonation work, but better than his Summer Stage set. Afterwards he gave me a copy of "Piracy Funds Terrorism," and I officially wanted to become him.

Kano, busting more hyper-speed rhymes. Pretty amazing stuff, although a little overwhelming and fast. This may have been due to the fact that he didn't get on the mic till after one a.m., which even for a night owl like me is pushing it.

Diplo, apparently hiding in the side hatch, popped out when Kano preformed "Reload It," which Diplo produced. He hopped out, danced around, and then melted back into the shadows. Fucking crazyman, that Diplo.

Monday, August 08, 2005

M.I.A. At Summerstage

So yesterday was the big-ass M.I.A./Diplo show at Central Park... How was it? FUCKING HOT.

After suffering through the half-baked, utterly tedious reggae stylings of Mr. Vegas we got a full hour + from deejay extraordinaire Diplo. And boy was he awesome. Although I was really hoping, wishing, and praying for him to play that killer "Staring at the Sun" remix he did at Intonation but, oh well, he did give us a nice "Wait (Whisper Song)"/"Walk Like an Egyptian" mash-up, which was more than we deserved. The only annoying thing was that he kept telling us to get up and dance, and everyone (I know) wanted to yell back "Fuck you, Diplo! We had to wait in line for fucking HOURS to get in and we're really hot and tired - LAY OFF!" although no one did. He'll be playing with Kano on Saturday at Knitting Factory, and I (as always) will be there.

Anyway... Diplo was the warm-up for his girlfriend, the tiny little lady that drew the biggest Summer Stage crowd of the year...

The one, the only, the adorable... M. I. A.

She walked on stage singing her verse from the Missy Elliott song "Bad Man" (on her new album "The Cookbook") which was truly, amazingly, wonderfully cool. It got us all up and dancing, and for the next forty-five minutes or so, everyone in the park was jumping, grooving, and generally having a blast. She is so amazing. It was so weird seeing her with this huge crowd considering the last time I saw her in June at S.O.B.'s, she played to a crowd of less than 200 in a space that is slightly larger than my living room.

She deserves all her fame and adoration. She is a gift. A joy. And the greatest thing to happen to pop music in a long fucking time.


P.S. The crowd was pretty crazy too, check out the dudes next to us (notice the labyrinthine haircut in the guy's shaved head):