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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Kano & Diplo At Knitting Factory

Kano, the 19 year old grime whiz, lorded over us. Or maybe just over me. Because I am tiny and was pressed up against the stage. Hmmm.

Diplo opened with a super long and mostly hip-hop flavored set. Not as good as his Intonation work, but better than his Summer Stage set. Afterwards he gave me a copy of "Piracy Funds Terrorism," and I officially wanted to become him.

Kano, busting more hyper-speed rhymes. Pretty amazing stuff, although a little overwhelming and fast. This may have been due to the fact that he didn't get on the mic till after one a.m., which even for a night owl like me is pushing it.

Diplo, apparently hiding in the side hatch, popped out when Kano preformed "Reload It," which Diplo produced. He hopped out, danced around, and then melted back into the shadows. Fucking crazyman, that Diplo.


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