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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

These Are Spirit Fingers, And These Are Gold (Sufjan at Bowery)

Sufjan has been at the Bowery for the past four days (and he'll be there tonight too!), so he and his "people" decided to theme the whole stretch as "Spirit Week." Which gave them an excuse to have each performance be a different "night." We were there on the slightly disappointing "fake tattoo and facial hair" night. Tonight is the "homecoming dance," complete with formal wear. I am bubbling over with jealousy.

He was amazing: silly and serious at the same time. The cheers in between songs were clever and fun, the highpoint being the rhyming of "Metropolis" with "Balki Bartokomous." That right there is the Sufjan magic. And while I bought a T-shirt bearing its slogan (which made me feel a lot like a dirty Urban Outfitters patron), he didn't play "Come On, Feel the Illinoise!"... or the "John Wayne Gacy" song, for that matter. Hmmm...

Here are some pictures.


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