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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Shadows and Blog

Whew, it has been a while since I have posted (and the last post was one picture and one sentence – hardly a work of Cliffordian proportions). Honestly, the whirlwind of papers/tests/procrastination that accompany the end of the semester has caught me in its spiny and tentacled grasp. Apologies to all (two of you) that read.

Now, onto business:

Goldfrapp at the Nokiea Theatre At Times Square (last night)

In a word: wow. The only US performance by the electro-glam band (normally Allison Goldfrapp and her producer/partner Will Gregory, but expanded for touring purposes to a full band) was last night and it was a barnstormer. When they opened with an amazing rendition of “Train,” Goldfrapp flanked by two bikini-clad backup dancers in plastic werewolf masks, you knew you were in for a hell of a show. And for the hour + that followed, my jaw was on the floor, my feet off the ground. The Nokia Theater, for all its detractions (it’s too fucking big, for one, and totally impersonal), supplied me with the best sound I have ever had at a show. Ever. Every song was bolder, deeper, more luscious than on the records. It was astounding. What was also astounding was how many people knew the words to the new songs - I thought I was the only one to throw down thirty bucks for their new magnum opus (released here in March)! Also: it was the gayest crowd since last December’s Scissor Sisters show at Hammerstein.

Magic Numbers at Mercury Lounge (November 27th)

What a wonderful show. That’s really the only word you can use to describe it: wonderful. The Magic Numbers, for those of you that don’t know, released one of the more perfect pop albums of the year (a self-titled debut), a sunshiny and unironic ode to love in all of its complicated splendor. They also made a splash appearing on The Chemical Brothers’ magnificent return-to-form “Push the Button.” (Side-comment: ever notice how all of the Chemical Brothers’ album titles are commands?) Live, they really spring to life, giving their sound a lusher and more loveable dimension – I dare you to not want to hug them!

The show at the Mercury Lounge was semi-secret (announced on their site but not the venue’s), after the bigger, assuredly noisier show was sold out at the Bowery Ballroom. Personally, this is the only way I would have wanted to see them. The only letdown was, after grabbing the setlist off the stage, seeing that they were set to perform their Chemical collaboration, but it was crossed out. Hastily. Grr. I would have wanted to hear an acoustic version without the Brothers furious knob twiddling. The Beyonce cover more than made up for it, though. (Yeah, you read that right.)


Lady Sovereign at Knitting Factory (November 30th)

She’s five feet tall, calls herself “The White Midget,” raps faster than Eminem, and just signed a big-ass record deal with Jay-Z and Def Jam. She is the shit. And she is Lady Sovereign.

Lady Sov took the stage to a crowd well aware of her music (Diplo would again dub it “Planet Blog” had he been on the turntables) and of her newfound financial success (calling out “Def Jam” during one of her many standup comedy-style interludes), and performed beautifully. A mixture of high energy rock-n-rap, more like The Streets performance I saw at Irving Plaza a couple of years ago than “Korn” (another obnoxious crowd-born exclamation), she made it an unforgettable live show. Dressed in an Adidas tracksuit, she ran through a brief but fabulous setlist (only one or two songs were new to me) in support of her debut EP “Vertically Challenged,” out now on Chocolate Industries.

Watching her perform, spectacularly, you had to expect big and bad-ass things from her, and knowing she’s got heavyweights like Basement Jaxx and Timbaland producing, well, the sky's the limit for a girl so short.


It’s almost HERE…


Blogger AmyTroublemaker said...

Hm..let me try this a second time: You should mention or honor in some way the lovely person(s) that accompanied your skinny behind to these events.

Thank YOU.

7:49 AM  
Blogger Florida Perrywinkle, The Media Wave Collective said...

A few notes -
1. Wow, if there is a word for having your name reference with an 'ian' at the end, I'm glad that thing has finally happened to me.
2.Bikini clad dancer with werewolf masks? It's like they reached into my brain and pulled out one of my most reaccuring dreams
3.thats true about the Chem Bros! Good observation, thats pretty funny
4.That reminds me, I think I lost that setlist or something. I gotta look for that shit
5.is she calling herself the "white midget" to distinguish herself from the black midget? whcih would obviously be theh black midget from Trapped In The Closet
6.I assume your read about a show in Philly? where she performed one song and walked off stage in front of a sold out show of people who waited for her to show up like 1 hour late due to venues sound not being to her specifications?
When you told me her tenedcy to insult the crowd I thought "wow she really is a bitch" but apparently the sound really was fucked up. Could be a little more professional though

nice recap, inspires me to write about those and other shows ive been to recently

7:12 PM  

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