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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Beastie Boys @ Union Square

God, I'm lazy. The following text is from an email I sent out. The pictures are from BrooklynVegan.com, a way cooler website than mine.

AWESOME; I FUCKIN' SHOT THAT! (Nathanial Hornblower)

On Thursday night I took off from work early to see the Beastie Boys' new documentary feature. During their 2004 concert tour, at the Madison Square Garden show, they passed out 50 digital cameras to people in the audience with only two stipulations: that they shoot throughout the entire concert (to never stop, no matter what they did) and to return the cameras when they were done. With the footage they received, they spent the next year + editing and thus, “Awesome; I Fuckin' Shot That” was born.

What makes “Awesome” so much better than virtually any other concert movie is that it's taking place from within the audience by the audience. At various points they cut back to somebody waaaaaaay far back in the auditorium and he turns to his unenthusiastic section going “Come on guys, this is for the DVD!” And it's fucking magic.

The performance itself is outstanding, enhanced by the odd twists and turns the “narrative” takes as we follow our fifty camera people. Sometimes we even zoom back to view the proceedings “Timecode”-style, with fifty squares making up the screen. To say anymore would to take away from the sheer, galvanizing fun of the movie and trust me, you will want to be surprised.

After the screening, we had a special guest: the Boys themselves. They came out in front of the audience and answered questions about the movie and the short film that preceded it, a fucking bizarre little nugget called “A Day in the Life of Nathaniel Hornblower” starring David Cross as the fake director. (During the short Amy went to the bathroom, when she came back she asked what she missed and I said “David Cross peed on a trashcan and spiked a can of beans on a wrought iron gate.” That's the kind of short it was.) They were casual and rather cryptic - Mike D spent the majority of the time texting on his Sidekick and MCA was sporting a huge, grey beard. Ad Rock just looked confused/annoyed and was wearing a weird poncho. When someone asked about when they'd next be in the studio, Ad Rock said “I mean, we're always in the studio. It's just a question of what we're doing there.”


No answers about a new record or tour. But still - it was fucking awesome, a huge surprise since there were screenings all around Manhattan (and the country) and they just happened to be at the one we were at (in Union Square). I highly recommend the documentary, for its throwaway charm and fun, fun, fun. They are truly talented musicians who have never, ever lost their sense of childlike (and childish) humor.


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