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Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Twinning ("Lost" Recap)

Episode: "Every Man for Himself"
Flashback: Sawyer
Original Airdate: 10.25.06

Week after week I loudly (and blog-ly) proclaim my love for “Lost.” Then season, I’d reckon (if I was from the South… which I am…) that this is the best “Lost” has been since it’s season one heyday, when everything was so mysterious and you couldn’t help but be swept up in the magical, mystical world of Jack, Locke, Boone, Hurley and the rest of the Impossibly Attractive Plane Crash Victims. But still, week after week, critics and naysayers around me give it the see-saw hand, the sigh/huff brush-off and generally dismiss it. Part of this is because I’m talking to some idiots and the other part is that they desperately want to know what’s going on. I’m simply happy taking the voyage and try to tell them, it doesn’t matter. Still, they persist. Well, last night’s episode gave us an answer.




This was another great episode, a pulse quickening shell game with Other overlord Ben Linus fucking with our collective heads (and Sawyer’s singular heart). I was glad to see the Others act more evil this time (Ben, the revenge-minded Pickett) – they’ve been established as the badguys early on and no matter how many fantasyland communities they inhabit, they still hung Charlie and made a general nuisance of things. Since almost everything on (and, now, off) Mystery Island has the tinge of a giant psychological experiment, it’s no surprise that it was this tactic that ultimately domesticated the rambunctious Sawyer.

The whole “Escape from New York” ploy – that a tiny bomb was placed inside Sawyer’s heart – and the entertainment that followed (like the hilarious results of watching Kate get nekkid) was great, riveting drama – ratcheting things up a notch in the already dark and claustrophobic conditions. The things that unfolded AROUND this ploy (Jack being led, blind, in front of their cages and the death of Other Colleen) was just as riveting. As things are coming into focus – Jack is there to fix someone (Ben’s) spine and Sawyer and Kate are there to be fucked-with – the insidiousness isn’t diluted, but intensified. They can wear khakis and proclaim peace all they want, but video surveillance cameras and giant cages and underwater labs and making Jack stay with a corpse speak volumes about their true nature.

The Other’s are bad.



On the other side of the island, there’s no sign of Locke or Eko (maybe because this episode was actually supposed to air last week, and last week’s vice versa) but there is Desmond, boldly displaying his newfound psychic abilities with his awesome lightening rod (Hurley’s “Is that… art?” was priceless). And then there’s New Castmember Paulo, who displayed the writers’ penchant for creating truly annoying Latin-American characters (the sting of Ana-Lucia has yet to wear off).

The flashbacks this week didn’t do a whole lot for me, except to show that Sawyer isn’t a complete retard (as we were shown previously he’s a pretty good conman but none too bright). So at some point, between conning lonely women out of their money and mistakenly murdering the wrong man (with a chat with Jack’s father thrown in for good measure) he was in prison. For a while. His sentence was commuted for revealing the location of some stolen governmental funds and in the process learned something shocking – he’s got a daughter! Or does he? Could this woman have conned him? Just like Linus did later in the episode with The Big Reveal? Who fucking knows. It’ll take some more flashbacks to truly tease that one out.

On the super-nerd side of things the only real mythological connection I garnered was Jack’s cartoon featured swans - The Hatch that so much of Season 2 revolved around was a Dharma station known as The Swan. So, there’s that. I guess.

The reveal of Dharma Alcatraz was slow going but became progressively apparent, as Ben mentioned something about “the sub” being back. Still, it was pretty shocking. It was the death blow to Sawyer’s blind hope of escaping, or at the very least escaping alive. It may also explain why Ben Linus was so hell-bent on getting Desmond’s sailboat. How they shuttle between the two islands (sub, a possible series of interconnected tunnels, which is where I believe The Hydra station is located) remains to be seen. There’s been talk that an upcoming episode of “Battlestar Galactica” will take place within the Cylon community. I expect, eventually, that “Lost” will show us what’s been going on solely from the Others side. And when that happens, I believe our minds will be blown. The matter-of-factness with which Linus revealed the island, and the just-as-casual way he closed the conversation (“Let’s get you back to your cage”) was equally creepy. It’s Desmond’s eerie serenity that makes him even scarier than the brawny Pickett; positively skin-crawling.

Which brings me to the fact that only two episodes remain until “Lost” goes on its extended, winter-long hiatus. That’s going to be really depressing. This season has really rocked the motherfucking house; it’s going to be a looooooooong few months. But the good news: the last episode of this batch will feature none other than Captain Tightpants himself, Nation Fillion (of “Serenity”/”Firefly” “fame” and the recent “movie” “Slither”). It’s a silver lining, at least.

Until next week…



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