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Monday, May 21, 2007

Dragonette @ Mercury Lounge - 5.17.07

Dragonette is a Canadian/English band that sound kind of like the Scissor Sisters, except with a savvier electro-pop-edge. There’s less of a wink in their sophisticated, sexy pop – if it’s at all possible, they are able to conjure up genuine sincerity. And their relationship songs, if a bit exaggerated, don’t seem like they’re happening on another planet. They are also quite brilliant.

Led by the devastatingly handsome husband-wife duo of Martina Sorbara and Dan Kurtz, I was positively overjoyed by last year’s self-titled five-song EP. I knew an album was coming this summer and knew I’d kick myself in the pants if I didn’t see them live, especially in an itty-bitty venue like Mercury Lounge (in the UK they’ve opened for Duran Duran, Basement Jaxx, and the Sugababes).

The first thing that shocked me was how hard they rocked. I was expecting at least one other band member to be obscured behind some towering pile of synthesizers and keyboards but there wasn’t even a keyboard on stage. There was some rudimentary processing going on through he PA system but that’s it. They were all noisy guitars and drums and great vocals!

Even though the room was about as crowded as a middle school dance and only a handful of them were dancing (myself included), they put on a really fucking great show. Martina is a disco diva in the making - all sex and swagger, wearing a backless, low cut top and flowing white Donna Summer pants. The rest of the band was equally done up (the British guitarist even put on a tie right before the show); they were all very cute.

They played a lot of the new album, and everything sounded really good. I got a hold of the album a few days later and can tell you the live show really reflects the album – gone are the minimalist beats and throbbing electronics from the EP, replaced (mostly) with a larger, more lush pop-rock sound (and not in the horrible, Killers’-second-album way). I'll get around to writing a short, pointless review sometime soon, but the long and short of it is that it's really, really great.

Highlights included current single “I Get Around” (which maintains much of the EP’s sleazy, low-tech sound), “Marvelous” (which had a great faux Middle Eastern back and forth between husband and wife), powerhouse “True Believer,” “Black Limousine” (Martina: “About men who spend all their money on women”) and “Competition” (Martina: “About the time I fucked your boyfriend”).

Love them, love her, loved the show, love the album.


Jesus Doesn’t Love Me Anymore
I Get Around
True Believer
You Please Me
Black Limousine
Take It Like A Man


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