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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Ed Banger Record Showcase @ Hiro Ballroom - March 29th, 2007

[Again: sorry for it being so late! Blame our professional photographer!]

The night before the LCD show, there was a great Ed Banger Records showcase at Hiro Ballroom. The Presets, an Australian synth pop two-man-band on the same label as The Avalanches and Cut Copy, opened. They were surprisingly good, although Hiro’s sound system/acoustics aren’t all that great for vocals. When they dropped in a bit of Daft Punk’s “Da Funk” into their set, the crowd went wild. The audience was filled with Francophiles. For the rest of the night, any time anything even remotely Daft Punk-y was played (and it was played a lot – Ed Banger chief Busy “Motherfucking” P is the robots’ manager) – the crowd went even more berserk. (This was also two days before tickets went on sale for the Brooklyn Daft Punk show, too, so keep that in mind.)

As I was waiting in line, and talking to a young Jewish guy who was there for the free bar and ended up, totally shit-faced, dancing on stage later in the night, I wondered how they were going to fit all the artists in. DJ Mehdi, Sebastian, duo Justice, Busy P, and album cover designer So Me were all in attendance. How could they possibly all perform? Would the show end at noon the following Tuesday?

I got my answer when the curtain was raised and they all came out at the same time. It was really crazy and fun, they each contributed to each other’s “sets,” with Busy P more or less acting as ringleader, alternately antagonizing the audience (he claimed “San Francisco was much better”) and hyping them up.

It was a one of a kind show and really, really awesome. They are all embarrassingly talented (just having the audacity to play “Bohemian Like You” blew me away) and the Justice full length should be the album of the summer. I hope.

Also, the award for the most annoying guy on the dance floor goes to this overzealous Gay-sian:

Fuck you, dude.


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