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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

LCD Soundsystem @ Bowery Ballroom - March 30th, 2007

[Apologies for this post’s tardiness]

A few months ago LCD Soundsystem played a show at the Bowery Ballroom. It was, in fact, very good. James Murphy is an extremely talented mo-fucka (I’d say this to his face, including the mo-fucka part, even though I’m not even totally sure what that means). The set was really great, equal parts first and second album (the second album, Sound of Silver, still being the greatest pop record of the year so far) with the odd smattering of pre-album singles (I think he did “Yeah” – it was so long ago!) He has such an amazing voice, and really gave it his all. “New York I Love You…” really was a showstopper. A hilarious moment presented itself when the drummer blew out the kick drum and Murphy scaled the mountainous pile of equipment off stage to retrieve another one, remarking about how only his band would have an entire separate kick drum just for this occasion. Great stuff.

Unfortunately, he picked the absolutely worst opener he could – this insane art-rock-dance chick name Planningtorock, even though she should have been called Excellingatsuck. She stood on a chair, in an all-white outfit, while some weird ass images projected on a screen behind her. She sang along (poorly) to a prerecorded beatbox rhythm. It was excrutiating. The worst part is she must think she’s making some kind of statement, or thinks she’s Bjork, or something – self-delusion is always rather sad. Like how I think people read this blog.

Also, the crowd was fucking lame. They were moshing – like, seriously moshing. It was really stupid and unnecessary. It’s FUCKING DANCE MUSIC. Did people mosh to Donna Summer? No. They were too busy doing coke. I wish the same could be applied here.


Blogger Jordan, and ya don't stop said...

your reaction to Planningtorock or whtaever the fuck, was exactly the same reaction i and most of the crowd had towards Peaches in her opening performance at the debut Siren Festival

7:28 PM  

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