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Monday, May 21, 2007

See His Pug Nose Face - Ricky Gervais @ Theater @ MSG - May 19th, 2007

On Saturday night, we (me and the missus) made our way to the Theater at Madison Square Garden (a venue I hate, mostly because of a horrible experience seeing Beck there last year) to see RICKY FUCKING GERVAIS. I was beyond excited. I am a huuuuuuge Gervais fan. The Office, Extras, the podcast, his episode of The Simpsons (still on my TiVo)… It’s insane. I even saw Valiant because of him, and that’s an awful animated movie about messenger pigeons during World War I (yeah… it was thrilling).


I was thrilled. And it didn’t disappoint. First off, David Bowie came out to introduce him, which was amazing. The show was part of his Highline Festival, a loosely connected bunch of concerts and performances around New York City, but he didn’t show at the Arcade Fire show or any of the other events (as far as I know). Still, he was at the Gervais performance! What’s more is that he sang his song from the second season of Extras! Amazing! If you haven’t seen that episode yet, here’s his musical interlude:

It was so great. I’ve seen David Bowie twice in the past few months but this is the first time he’s ever sung. And even if it was a joke song, at least I can say – I have seen David Bowie sing. While wearing an outfit I can only describe as a ‘dueling tuxedo’. Draw!

Onto the main event – it was wonderful. Ricky Gervais is a comedy treasure. He really, really is. His delivery, his transitions, his stories – they’re all pure gold. Even though a majority of the material was made up of preexisting jokes from his popular “Animals” and “Politics” UK tours, well, it takes a real geek with a Region-Free DVD player and a couple of imported discs to have ever seen that… And no one like that would ever author such a high-brow blog like Zombie Politics… Um… Yeah, so the jokes weren’t all new, but that’s okay! (I suspect one of the reasons why this isn’t a strict translation of his current tour is because that one is called “Fame” and he’s not all that famous here… YET.)

The set was about an hour and a half, and there was very little of that time that I didn’t spend laughing. Even someone letting out a huge yawn from the audience gave Ricky an opportunity to riff on the rudeness of the man and the boringness of his performance. “You should’ve brought a book!” he cackled. Just great. This really did feel like a ‘special’ performance, even though he did a couple of warm-up shows earlier in the week.

Report Card

David Bowie's Introduction: A+

Ricky Gervais' performance: A+

The pasta we had afterwards: A+

Overall - an A+ night!


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