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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


[Alternate title for this post: Shrek the Turd. Thank you.]

Movie Review - Shrek the Third

Shrek the Third is an annoying, unfunny, lazy mess of an animated motion picture. Quite frankly, the Ratatouille trailer (which ran beforehand) dwarfed all of Shrek 3, in terms of artistry, humor and wit, in a little under two minutes. The voice acting was truly atrocious, with Justin Timberlake showing none of the charm or talent he showcased earlier this year in the terrible Alpha Dog and the terribly underrated Black Snake Moan. Also, Cameron Diaz should give up acting of any kind, this has now been extended to voice acting. The paperwork is currently being filed.

One of the more annoying things about the movie is the way they treat the princesses. Now, I’m not going to go off on all that big of a tangent here, although I’d really, really like to. (The Disney Princess product line irks me something fierce. But that’s for another time, or perhaps the days when I’m muttering to myself in the corner, small slivers of drool dribbling out the side of my mouth.)

So, Shrek is all about turning the fairy tale conventions on their ear, right? So the princesses immediately lay down, waiting to be saved! Oh man – how unconventional! They’re really tweaking the system! Oh, wait, no, that’s horribly insulting and antifeminist. What’s more, when they finally do spring into action, one of the things they show are their bras being burned. Oooo, how ‘edgy’ (in a first-year-on-UPN kind of way)! What’s more is that bra burning is a historically incorrect occurrence. Feminism in the sixties paralleled the anti-war movement. There was a movement following the 1968 Miss America pageant to remove bras, although this was more metaphoric than literal. Anyway, there were some bras taken off. At the same time what was REALLY being burned? Draft cards! Burning draft cards + discarded bras in metal trashcan = bras on fire.

Hence, the term “bra burning.” (I’ll try to find some documentation on this instead of relying on my poorly worded remembrance.)

Anyway… The whole thing really pissed me off. Also offensive: the movie being so lame.

On the up side, we did see the new trailer for Transformers which was nice and noisy. That’s something. I guess.


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