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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Concession Stand

So, everyone loves Knocked Up. Everyone. Especially Max. He left me a nasty comment after my review and we talked last night. He called it the best American comedy since Wet Hot American Summer. I love me some Wet Hot American Summer and Max is a really smart dude. So I wanted to be completely honest and say that when I wrote the review I was really sick and in a horrible mood. In fact, over the weekend, I kept thinking of little bits of the movie (like the bouncer at the club) and chuckling to myself. It was far from awful, I just found it somewhat lacking. When I see it again, I’ll write a follow-up review. Still, I stand by what I said and want to articulate some of my biggest problems with it:

1.) It was too fucking long. Yes, so was Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. But unlike Pirates, which had cool shit like rocks that turned into crabs and squid-men and a leather-faced Keith Richards and a giant whirlpool sea battle, Knocked Up just had dudes sitting around bitching about women or getting stoned. This is all well and good, but keep it under the 90-minute mark, please.

2.) The more I think about it, the more I really believe that Judd Apatow is West Coast Kevin Smith. They both lean on the crutch of pop culture references a little too often (although Kevin Smith’s usage is more masterful and subtle); both film their movies straightforwardly; and both are deeply obsessed with human sexuality, down to its more graphic intricateness. We’ll see how Apatow matures as a filmmaker, and if he makes anything even approaching the greatness of Dogma or the emotional power of Chasing Amy.

3.) Seth Rogan is a lousy lead. He’s fat and obnoxious and has an underbite. He’s a great second banana, and should stay there. In the second banana mobile, which is the sidecar for those old time-y motorcycles.

4.) Hostel: Part II is going to be amazing. Unrelated.

That’s it for now. I am willing to watch the movie again with an open mind but I doubt I’ll ever think it’s as good as Wet Hot American Summer, if only because of the irreverence and almost surreal quality of that film. It really went for it. Knocked Up, by comparison, just plays by the rules. Safe, sound, the kind of “vulgar comedy” your parents can enjoy. Snooze.


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