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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Dragonette Continues Getting Brillianter

Okay, so that’s the sleeve for the new Dragonette single, “Take It Like a Man.” It’s one of the best songs on the album, sort of like every other song on the album and every song they perform live and all the clothes that they wear. (They are very amazing.) Even though their first single “I Get Around” is stupendous it failed to make a dent in the UK pop charts (which is sort of like a pop music Thunderdome – ask poor cute Rachel Stevens), stalling at some unbelievably low position. Still, they persevere! It’s the Canadian way! Or something!

There’s an Alan Braxe and Fred Falke remix on one of the versions of the single (I’m guessing 12” – vinyl is where great French dance remixes live) that almost brought me to tears. It’s that good. It may be their best remix since they turned Kelis’ “Bossy” into a gay club anthem.

In fact, I’d post the song right here if I knew how to do things like “post songs.” Sorry. If you want it, email me @ DTaylor246@aol.com.

Oh – and they’ve even made a great new video for “Take It Like a Man”, one that has Martina bringing sexy back while shamelessly ripping off Boogie Nights! How could you not love them, record-buying public?

Pre-order single

Pre-order album (DO IT!!!!)

Also, thanks to Popjustice for everything, like inspiring this post.


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