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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Franz Ferdinand @ Bowery Ballroom 06.13.07

It's no secret that Franz Ferdinand is one of my favorite bands on the planet (that has guitars), so when I actually scored tickets last week to their exclusive Bowery Ballroom show I was beyond ecstatic (I was supra-static).

The show was last night and I must say, yet again, they totally brought it. And by "it" I mean very nice dress shirts (even though lead singer/author Alex Kapranos worried his red shirt clashed with his guitar - before pointing out his bandmate's even-more-ridiculous attire).

The last time I saw these well-groomed Scotsman they were at the cavernously huge Hammerstein Ballroom (on a double-bill with Death Cab for Cutie… yeah, I don’t get it either - how a huge dance party could turn into moping about your ex-girlfriend), so this was a real treat. At one point Alex Kapranos leaned out to the crowd and marveled that he could actually speak to us without the use of a microphone. He was kind of baffled (and handsome).

They played a bunch of new songs, all of which were absolutely, positively AMAZING. The new album is supposed to go in a more synth pop direction, and some of these new songs showcased that in full effect (y'all). One song had to have two people on the drums, which made it sound kind of like “Beware of the Dog” as remixed by Justice, and another one called “Turn It On” (I think) sounded like a male-fronted Dragonette. YEAH. It was that flavor of mind blowing (mint chocolate chunk). The only way I could get more excited about the new album is if Timbaland was involved somehow (he’s not).

In addition to the killer new tunes they rocked their stable of already-classics like “Michael,” “Do You Want To,” “Matinee,” etc. (I was kind of drunk) and closed the set with album #2 closer “The Outsiders.” Kapranos did his cock of the walk, Jaggeresque preening and the rest of the band just danced around, played their guitars or drums and looked really cool. The set was on the short side (but still long enough so I hate to take the late-ass train home) but they made the most of every moment. They are, without a doubt, totally awesome.

[For pictures that don't look like they were taken on a twelve year old cell phone camera, go to Brooklyn Vegan.]


Blogger bob said...

this blog is almost as gay as you calling the "author" of FF "handsome".....actually they are matched equally in gayness. And I don't mean it in a homophobic way....I mean it like I am taking your manhood....thank God for the verbal Houdinisms of Eminem.

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