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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Lucky Number Thirteen

Movie Review - Ocean's Thirteen

I loved it. I really did.

There will be critical backlash, I’m sure. They’ll call it self indulgent (a “trifle” is what something like The New Yorker is sure to dub it), but it’s pretty upfront about it’s silliness.

The movie’s color scheme is roughly that of a bag of Skittles (at one point a character shows up dressed like the casino), all bright greens and oranges, and that’s telling: Steven Soderbergh, whose made a very rich career out of exploring the artfulness of artifice, creates an irrepressibly fizzy crime world fantasia, with David Holmes’ magnificent electro-funk score making sure that we’re in full-on party mode.

This is a revenge heist, as one character puts it, and you can feel that Soderbergh and company are chomping at the bit for redemption, after the critically panned and lethargic Ocean’s Twelve (aka Ocean’s Eleven’s European Vacation). They’re back baby: lean, mean, funny, and above all else wildly, wildly fun (Al Pacino shouldn't even feel guilty about hamming it up here!)

Unlike most caper movies where the suspense comes from whether or not the villains are going to get away with the con, the Ocean’s movies, at their best, are built around the tension-filled question of how fucking cool are they going to look doing it? As it turns out, very.


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