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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Kanye West Just Got Geniusier

Goddamn I love Kanye.

I’ve been a big fan of his previous two records, his production work, his amazing sense of style, but I’ve never been as consistently impressed and in awe of him as I am now.

Graduation is a modern masterpiece, a wacky, whirligig pop tour de force that easily belongs in the Top 5 of 2007 (yeah, “Everything I Am” is kind of dull but I’ve accepted its quaintness and moved on.org). I could go on and on about the record and I probably will, but later.

What’s so interesting, and has been expounded upon on many blogs read by many more people than mine, is his fascination with French dance music. Obviously the Daft Punk sample on “Stronger” is a pretty clear cut example of this, and to a certain extent the official “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” video (the one without the guys with beards) does much to reproduce Daft Punk’s desert storming show at Coachella last year.

But the video for “The Good Life…”


Directed by So_Me, who designs all of the record sleeves, tour tee-shirts, music videos and graphic designs for the Ed Banger record label (home to Justice, SebastiAn, etc.), well, it’s just SO FUCKING GOOD.

(Also – the song’s not too shabby either.)

What’s next – a Justice remix of “Flashing Lights?” Oh god, I can hardly imagine…



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