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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Goldfrapp Galore

To paraphrase a line from the mediocre horror movie Hard Candy: “I fucking love Goldfrapp.”

Few things equal, for pure pop majesty, the beauty and sheer, unadulterated joy of 2005’s Supernature. (I remember the exuberance I felt at finding the album, on the first week it was released in the native UK, at a Tower Records in Chicago, Illinois. Nobody else cared and it would take another year for the masterpiece to – finally – be released in the United States.) That album was a whirligig dance. odyssey and it was pretty much flawless. The new album, February’s Seventh Tree, is like the satin lining to Supernature’s sequin-studded evening gown: smooth, elegant, and (like Supernature) is pretty much flawless.

It’s an early contender for the album of 2008. (It’s that kind of great.)

Here’s the stunning video for the stunning first single (email me nicely and I’ll send back the dope-ass Hercules & Love Affair remix):

And here’s the great single sleeve:


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