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Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday's Links: 01/21/08

* That amazing artwork is from the forthcoming, Guy-Manuel_de_Homem-Christo (the gold robot from Daft Punk)-produced Sebastien Tellier album, Sexuality. If you can't wait, here's more information (and a song sample). And the super hot video for the first single, "Sexual Sportswear" is here:

* Get ready for Rambo.

* Oscars tomorrow, Razzies today. You've got to love it, although it's kind of a bummer that Paul Verhoeven chose to release a genuine masterpiece this year instead of a laughably wonderful flop a la Showgirls.

* Speaking of Oscars, it looks like Johnny Greenwood's revolutionary There Will Be Blood score could be fucked over for the Oscar nomination for Best Original Score. If true, it could be totally devastating. We'll see tomorrow.

* Courtesy of Pitchfork, pop genius Jamie Lidell has a new album coming (YESSSSS), and Dizzee Rascal's amazing Maths + English is finally being released stateside (double YESSSSSSSSSS).

* Here's a great New York Times article on AMC's new series Breaking Bad, which premiered last night and was, to my estimation, pretty great. Vince Gilligan, author of a few totally amazing X-Files episodes, including the one with Luke Wilson as a vampire ("Bad Blood"), the one where Darin Morgan played a shape shifting loser ("Small Potatoes") and the one where those crazy people worshipped a giant worm (a.k.a. the grossest episode ever in life - "Roadrunners"). My hopes are high.

* Looks like everyone loves Cloverfield as much as me.

* Billboard confirms what I said last summer: that the new Franz Ferdinand album is going to be fucking incredible.


"I thought Scarlett was good in it and I had a good time working with her. And Djimon [Hounsou] was fucking gorgeous in it, and brilliantly mean in it and cool. And Michael Bay blew up a lot of shit in it." - Ewan McGregor on The Island, via EW and NY Mag


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