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Monday, January 14, 2008

Monday's Links: 1/14/08

* So-so screenwriter Roger Avary killed someone, which now ensures his place in Hollywood history as "the new Eric Red." At least now he's done something worse than Rules of Attraction.

* National Book Critics awards were finalized. I really want to read Sacred Games.

* Supposedly there'll be a new Coldplay album SOON-ISH (but not soon enough).

* Pitchfork streamed a track from the totally excellent new Kelley Polar album, Hold on While the Sky is Falling, although I'm not sure it's "an ambitious tangle of vocals, strings, and synths that conjures up Human League, the Free Design, and Reading Rainbow in equal parts" (fucking Pitchfork).

* Wild Cloverfield speculation continues, and the thing is out on Friday. Patience is a virtue.

* WMG is stupid (I remember when this was happening - I was very close to someone on the inside of this deal).

* The Brit Awards nominees were revealed.

* Here's an interesting article explaining that amazing Rambo poster.

* The trailer for George A. Romero's Diary of the Dead debuted online. It looks pretty fucking amazing, I must say (it's supposed to come out on February 15th).

* And here's the YouTube video I just... can't... stop... watching... (thanks Charles)


Blogger thomas said...

How can you rag on any film with Shannyn Sossamon present on screen? Not to mention, a Bret Easton Ellis film adaptation is always curious. Dawson's Creek was canceled because of that film with it's Jessica Biel nose candy antics.

12:00 PM  

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