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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tuesday's Links: 01/15/08

* Tom Cruise is certifiably batshit. Scientology is even scarier when it's coming out of his mouth in a rambling, uninterrupted monologue with the Limp Bizkit "Mission: Impossible" theme playing in the background.

* On a related note, Katie Holmes got asked some softball questions from Diane Sawyer. No quizzing was done as to whether or not Katie was impregnated by frozen L. Ron Hubbard sperm.

* The New York Times, New York Magazine, and New York Post all hate the new Little Mermaid Broadway musical. Not surprisingly, Jim Hill liked it. I refuse to believe it can be any worse than the wretched Tarzan musical, which has already been canned.

* Perez sez East Coast Coachella! (Man, that line was dumb.) [UPDATE: Confirmed, although without the "Coachella" brand.]

* iTunes starts "renting" movies.

* Mars Volta played a long, presumably boring show.


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